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160KW Induction Heater For Industrial Use SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted

160KW Induction Heater For Industrial Use SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted
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Power: 160KW
Voltage: 380V, 3phase
Duty Cylce: 24 Hours Non Stop
Warranty: 12 Months
Usage: Hardening, Forging, Quenching, Annealing, Melting
Feature: Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Safe, Energy Saving, No Pollution
Production Name: Induction Heating Machine, Induction Forging Machine
After-sale Service: Door To Door Service, Online Technical Support
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160KW Induction Heater For Industrial


SGS Induction Heater For Industrial


FCC Induction Heater For Industrial

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC
Model Number: GYD-160AB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: based on orders
Payment Terms: 100% T/T before shipment
Supply Ability: 500 set per month
Product Description

160KW Fast Heating Industrial Induction Heating Machine SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted


160KW Induction Heater For Industrial Use SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted 0

Induction heating is a quick, flame-free, non-contact method for heating metals. It only works with electrically conductive substances, but it’s one of the fastest ways to heat an item to the core. Induction heating is so efficient and precise because it utilizes electromagnetism. In an industrial setting, a technician will use an induction heating device to create an electrical current in the metal object, which generates heat at a molecular level. This heat builds until the metal is hot and pliable enough for machining.

You may know of induction heating because of its residential applications. Induction cooktops have become increasingly popular in recent years since they make for a cost-effective, safe way to cook. You must use certain conductive pots and pans, but the inductive method will only heat those items on the surface, leaving the rest of the cooktop cool. This is similar to industrial applications. The metal is only hot where the coil wraps around it. Otherwise, the rod or bar is cool.

Induction heating is one of the best heating methods, and it’s quite efficient in industrial work.

Induction heating requires a power source. Since induction is an electromagnetic method, it needs electricity to operate the machine. Typically, this takes the form of an AC power source that can supply variable power and frequency to control the energy output. The energy that goes into the machine must then follow a component circuit that travels from the power source to the coil. Along this path, electrical insulation materials must line the circuit to prevent electrical fires and electrocutions.

The induction coil is the place where the magic happens. Alternating currents run through the coil, producing eddy currents, which are looped electromagnetic fields. These magnetic currents move the molecules in the metal, creating heat in the workpiece itself.






Fast Heating Industrial Induction Heating Equipment 380V 3phase For valve Gear hardening 0



160KW Induction Heater For Industrial Use SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted 2


Induction Heater Power Require depends on following factors :



Mass of work piece


» Material properties of work piece

Temperature increase you require


» Heating time require

Effectiveness of coil design


» Comprehensive full load design

Any heat loss during heating process



160KW Induction Heater For Industrial Use SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted 3

The parameters of the 160KW Fast Heating Industrial Induction Heating Machine SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted:

Model GYD-160AB (Three phase)
Work power 340V-430V
Maximum input current 240A
Output power 160KW
Fluctuating frequency 30-80KHZ
The flow rate of cooling water 0.08-0.16Mpa 12L/Min
Water temperature protection point 50C
Product size main :1090x650x1610 mm
transformer :980x480x850 mm
Net weight main : 265 kg
transformer : 138 kg

Delivery Time: within 7 workdays.
Shipping Term:By sea,By air, By express.


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160KW Induction Heater For Industrial Use SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted 6


In the early induction heating equipment, the high frequency inverter equipment required by the inverter unit determines the form of the equipment. From electron tube, thyristor to current universal IGBTs. In the current main stream IGBT-type induction heating products, there are still many differences in-circuits and structures. From the rectifier unit controlled rectification mode and uncontrollable rectification mode; from the perspective of the inverter unit, there are pulse width modulation inverter mode and chopper voltage regulation inverter mode. Parallel resonance from resonant output unit vibration mode and series resonance mode. Various circuits and structures have differences in performance (such as efficiency,power factor, and reliability).


Although using IGBT instead of thyristor Tubes and electronic tubes have made great progress, but most of the induction heating power supply devices developed and produced by manufacturers still have some common problems.

Compared with non-digital products, all-digital products have improved performance in all aspects. This series of products are IGBT or MOSFET inverters, and all adopt DSP Digital precision control, the core control strategy is the reactance analysis method, which can always ensure that the IGBT is ni the ZCS switching state under various working conditions, as to adapt to the inductance and Strong on-site working conditions; multiple operation and control modes and set table functional parameters to make the product meet the requirements various processes needs.

DSP full digital control products, according to different cooling methods,are divided into two categories: air-cooled and water-cooled; the internal components of the equipment are composed of The water circulation takesaway the heat generated by the work of the components, which is the water-cooled type; and the internal components of the equipment are cooled by wind energy, which is the air-cooled type. This type is a new research and development process.


160KW Induction Heater For Industrial Use SGS ROHS FCC Certifacted 7

Induction heating Application:

You can find induction machinery in many sectors, from the metallurgy to semiconductor industries. The most common applications include hardening, melting, and forging of metal workpieces for further manipulation. Induction heating is also helpful for welding and straightening items that need certain modifications.

Industrial facilities utilize induction heating for many machining processes because it’s energy efficient and cuts down on costs for electricity and materials. It is also quite safe, considering it doesn't use open flames, and the parts of the machine and workpiece not subjected to the coil stay cold.

1. Forging(Bar,flat plate,bar end heating,pipe ends,bar end heating)


2. Pre-heating(Pipe,steel wire,stainless steel wire)


3. Brazing(Saw blades,carbide tools,cooper tube,aluminum part,drilling tools,Pan)


4. Annealing(Steel pipe,golf ball head,brass lock,aluminum pan)


5. Hardening(Gear,shaft,pipe,bearing,pump fitting,steel plate,roller)


6. Shrink fitting(motor,pipe)


7. Melting(Iron,steel,brass,aluminum,silver,zinc)

induction forging machine, steel bar forging, hot forginghot forging, induction forging machine, steel bar forging           


              hot forging, induction forging machine, induction heating machine




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Q: Why choose GuangYuan Company?
A: We are manufacture which had in this filed for nearly 27 years.No matter quality,price,service,delivery time,we all have large advantage.


Q:How to choose suiteble machine?
A:You can tell us your application,need forging,hardening,welding,melting or other,pass me workpiece material & size,Temperature requirement and heating time requirement.Then we will recommend fit machine for you reference.


Q:How about the machine delivery time?
A: Small machine delivery time is 3~7 workdays.Big machine delivery time 15~25 workdays. Normally based on orders.


Q:How about the machine warranty?
A:Our goods support one year warranty not by personal purpose,support technical service all life.

During the warranty,if machine have problem need change spare parts,we can replace for you charge free.



How your business can benefit from our services

Implementing a GY induction solution will help reduce manufacturing costs, increase energy efficiency, improve safety and meet lean manufacturing objectives. Our technical support and maintenance services include preventative maintenance, equipment start-up and training, on-site or in-house repairs, and extended warranties. Above all, the team at GY will help find solutions for the most complex heating applications and manufacturing system requirements.

About our systems

GY offers the most innovative, digitally controlled induction technology in the industry. Our patented SmartPowerTM modular systems feature the widest load matching capabilities in the market. This unique technology significantly reduces production downtime and allows more power to be added to the existing system when required. Our equipment incorporates many advanced diagnostic features and modular design advantages which optimize serviceability and maintainability. Our systems can be easily integrated into a manual assembly process or in a fully automated production line. Our engineers can help you develop custom induction heating equipment, OEM modules, or complete turnkey systems.


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