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Water Cooling Industrial Induction Heating Machine 300KW With Forging Furnance

Water Cooling Industrial Induction Heating Machine 300KW With Forging Furnance
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Power: 300KW
Control System: IGBT, Light Touch Screen
Cooling System: Water Cooling 50℃
Work Power: 380V 3phase
Application: Induction Hardening, Forging
Warranty: 1 Year Full Warranty, All Life Techonology Support
Feature: Auto Feeding System
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas, Online Support, All Life Technology Support
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Water Cooling Industrial Induction Heating Machine


300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine


Industrial induction forging machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE FCC ROHS SGS
Model Number: GYMD-300KW
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-7 workdays, depend on the order and destination
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 sets per month
Product Description

Professional Industrial Induction Heating Machine for Steel Bar Heating with Forging Furnance


Water Cooling Industrial Induction Heating Machine 300KW With Forging Furnance 0

Power Requirements:

The power required to heat your work piece depends on:

  • The mass of your work piece
  • The material properties of your work piece
  • The temperature increase you require
  • The heating time required to meet your process needs
  • The effectiveness of the field owing to the coil design
  • Any heat losses during the heating process

After we determine the power needed to heat your work piece we can select the correct induction heating equipment taking the coil coupling efficiency into consideration.


technical parameters

The parameters of Professional Industrial Induction Heating Machine for Steel Bar Heating with Forging Furnance

Name 300KW Forging Furnace Induction Heating Equipment For 15-50mm Steel Bar Heating Application Hot forging
Work power 180V-250V Out power 300KW
Model Number GYMD-300KW Certificate CE,SGS, ROHS, FCC


Features of medium frequency induction heating machine: the equipment includes medium frequency induction heating machine, induction coil, feeding machine, infrared temperature detector and some other parts.


Model: GYMD-300


Max output power: 300KW


Heating capability for common materials:recommending for diameter bigger than 80mm steel bar heating


Specification Max output power Heating capability for common materials





Recommending for diameter 15-30mm steel bar heating





Recommending for diameter 15-50mm steel bar heating





Recommending for diameter 15-80mm steel bar heating
GYMD-300 300KW Recommending for bigger than 80mm steel bar heating


Major features:


1. Wide frequency range: 1KHZ-20KHZ, according the diameter of work piece to choose suitable frequency


2. When heating a whole piece of material, the length of induction coil can be made from 500mm-1m, when heating multiple pieces, better penetrating results can be guaranteed


3. It adopts continuously heating process when the temperature of work piece reach 1100℃


4. When heating bronze, aluminum and other nonferrous metal, by suitable design of induction coil and capacitance, the actual output power of machine can be above 85% efficiency than calculated.


5. Compare with controllable silicon frequency machine, our equipment is of small size, easy maintenances, and can save power by approximately 15-20%


induction heating machine

automatic forging machine

Recommended induction heating equipment for DSP+ FPGA full digital control melting and diathermy Compared with the advantages of traditional analog series resonance induction heating equipment:


1. In terms of core control :

For traditional analog power supplies, the parameters are determined by analog devices such as potentiometers. These devices are relatively affected by the environment, and temperature changes may cause parameter changes; the control process, data processing, and parameter storage of the DSP intelligent induction heating power supply are all in digital form The environment changes will not affect the calculation output process. Corresponding to the analog control system, the all-digital power supply has higher stability in different environments.


2. In terms of touch screen display :

The DSP intelligent induction heating power supply displays the working status and working parameters of the equipment on the touch screen LCD, and the working details of the equipment are clear at a glance.


3. In terms of fault self-diagnosis and processing :

The DSP intelligent induction heating power supply displays the fault location and treatment method. When an error occurs or an alarm occurs in a special working condition, the touch screen will display the fault content. Click the help of the corresponding fault to find the corresponding fault solution. More than 90% of the common faults can be dealt with quickly by the operators, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the dependence on the technical level of the operators.


4. In terms of intelligent protection system :

Traditional analog power supplies only have simple protection functions such as over-current and over-voltage. The DSP intelligent induction heating power supply has a wealth of fault judgment and protection circuits. When the cooling water pressure is unstable, the temperature is too high, the three-phase power is missing, and the cold workpiece touches the inductor (ground protection), etc., it can ensure that the power inverter stops outputting power; the real-time monitoring system always ensures that the IGBT is working The optimal soft switching state minimizes the parameters such as switching loss, voltage and current impact, and local temperature rise, which not only avoids the reduction of inverter efficiency caused by the deviation of the inverter state from the best, but also solves the aging acceleration of IGBT (such as using a Inexplicable damage after a year) and high maintenance costs in the later period; if the power supply suddenly encounters bad working conditions during normal heating work and the bad working conditions cannot be automatically restored in a short time, various protection signals can be judged and fault alarms can be issued, such as: Alarm signals such as over-voltage, over-current, frequency overrun, and IGBT failure can assist users in finding and troubleshooting the source of the failure.


5. In terms of work efficiency :

When the total power is unchanged, the output voltage is only half of the ordinary series resonant machine, which is safer; the output current is doubled, and the heating effect is better.


Advance : Remote control function (RS-232C or RS-485/CAN Interface, Connect with computer, PLC) and be controlled by a digital circuit. The power adjustment can be adjusted from 0% to 100%. The resolution is 0.1% or 0. 01%. The output stability can reach 0.3% or 0. 025%; configure digital PID temperature control module at the same time.



induction heating machine application

FCC, CE professional Forging Furnace Induction Heating Equipment for Steel Bar Heating 0


Water Cooling Industrial Induction Heating Machine 300KW With Forging Furnance 6

Advantages of Induction Heating Machine


1. Fast heating: the minimum rate of heating is less than 1 second (rate of heating is available for adjustment and control).


2. Wide coverage of heating: it can be used to heat various metal parts (replace removable induction coil as per different operating switches).


3. Easy installation: it can be used once it is connected with power source, induction coil as well as water supply pipe and rising pipe; it is small in size and light in weight.


4. Easy operation: you can learn to operate it within several minutes.


5. Fast start-up: it can be started to perform heating operation on condition that water and power supply is available.


6. Low power consumption: As compared with conventional vacuum tube high frequency equipments, it can save the power by approximately 70%. The smaller the size of the work piece is, the lower power consumption would be.


7. High effectiveness: it has such features as uniform heating (it is applicable to adjust the spacing of the induction coil to ensure the appropriate temperature as required by each part of work piece), fast warming and limited oxic horizon, and can guard against any waste after annealing.


8. Comprehensive protection: it has such functions as overpressure, over-current, overheat and water shortage alarm indications as well as automatic control and protection.


9. Controllable temperature: it is applicable to control the temperature for heating work pieces as per the preset heating time, and thereby control the heating temperature at a certain technical point.


10. Comprehensive full load design: it can work continuously for 24 hours.


11. Small size and light weight: it has a weight of only several dozens of kilograms, of which, the limited floor space can effectively save the workshop space.


12. Elimination of high voltage: it requires no step-up transformer which may produce approximately ten thousand voltage, and thus can ensure the maximum safety.                                                                                                    


induction heating machine, induction heating equipment

GY offers a wide range of compact generators for induction hardening that provide customers with the highest-quality in terms of performance. With the precision frequency adjustment, even the most demanding jobs can be completed with ease. To ensure that the perfect solution is discovered for any application, the MIND range of machines have been specially designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements. Not only does eldec offer hardening systems, but they also offer a wide range of generators, tools and brazing and heating systems.


Our Services


Pre-sale Service
Sales and technical personnel will effectively and quickly provide pre-sale technical support and program consulting services according to the actual needs of customers.


Sales Service
GY provides relevant service support according to the actual needs of customers and sales progress, including the proposal and negotiation of technical solutions, customization of personalized equipment and follow-up of production and delivery processes.


After-sales service
After-sales service is a vital part of all services. GY is well aware of our customers' after-sales needs. Our dedicated service team including professionals in the coordination and technical departments can provide you with various after-sale services like design for coils, equipment failure maintenance, system upgrades, etc. We believe that with our sincere services, all of your worries will be relieved.




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