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Founded in 1996, Guangyuan Technology (HK) Electronics Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech factory. Our factory is located in Wanjiang District of Dongguan City in Zhujiang Delta, with convenient transportation near No. 107 national highway and Guangshen speedway.

We have established an R&D system. It is supported by advanced engineers and professional workers, who are especially engaged in researching and developing the machinery of middle or high frequency induction heating and high frequency inverter electrolysis and galvanization power supply. Since we owned strong technique development capability, our factory has been insisting on producing new product and new craftwork to assure our leading position on technique in this field.

Under the effort of several years, our factory has produced series of high quality products in various categories. We can also exclusively produce these products on your requirement to meet you need. Our middle or high frequency induction heating equipment is produced for special voltage condition of some countries. For instance, there is single-phase 110V, three-phase 220V induction heating equipment for America and Japan and three-phase 415V, 440V induction heating equipment for such southwestern Asia countries as Malay and Thailand.

Our factory has a wholesome distribution network. Our products are delivered to America, Europe and southwestern Asia areas. We also built up a lot of offices to provide prompt and quick service to our consumers.

At the beginning of our foundation, we advocated "work with honest and credit, service for ever". This slogan has deeply footed in the culture of our factory, becoming the soul of development and management. During the process of development, it is firmly believed that a wonderful after-sale service is the base stone for a company's existing. Therefore, our factory takes the thought of "creating values for costumers" as the core of our managing strategies.

Chinese companies are facing the competition and challenge from the whole globe. Our factory will use advanced technology to provide better after-sale service and to find a proper position in the international market. We will hold the spirit of more professional, advanced and perseverant to pursue the wide application of our products in the market. We will also pursue the co-development and advancement with our suppliers and consumers relying on professional technology and good cooperation efforts.


Guangyuan Technology (HK) Electronics Co., Ltd.




Company established, high frequency induction heatingmachines come out, GY-15AB, GY-25AB, GY-30AB,GY-40AB, GY-60AB, GY-70AB.



Based on the high-frequency machine, according to the different heating processes of customers, we have continuously introduced medium frequency,Super-audio, ultra-high frequency heating equipment, and improved for the voltage of different countries.

Established foreign sales department in 2008 and successfully established sales agents in many countries outlets.



In the continuous expansion of induction heating equipment models, in order to better stabilize product quality, a special inspection department was established to be responsible for the inspection of incoming materials and semi-finished products, and a variety of inspection instruments were added to better control the parameters of the equipment during the equipment adjustment process, the equipment process is also continuously improved, and the product quality is better and more stable.



In order to better meet the needs of customers and reduce labor, we have continuously introduced semi-automatic and automatic equipment for induction heating equipment such as lifting forging platforms, automatic transmission equipment, quenching machine tools, and rotary platforms, which are easy to operate and save time and effort. From the first few models, GY product series has broken through more than 100 models so far.



Driven by various automation/smart equipment, GY lived up to its mission and successfully launched more intelligent heating equipment such as DSP full digital control series, light touch screen series, and hand-held integrated series. Providers provide more professional and precise solutions and personalized high-quality products on the road of innovation, change and transformation breakthrough.







As a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, GY can realize the production of special application equipment in different fields such as heating, melting, forging, quenching, annealing, tempering and a wide range of power supplies. The company's service products also include cooling equipment, measuring and control systems, and loading and unloading equipment.

Pre-sales, each project organizes a professional "1+ 1" "sales + technology" team to communicate with the user in depth, fully understand the process requirements, and jointly develop a solution with the user. And tailor-made personalized products;

In the sale, the original "angle conversion thinking mode", after a comprehensive in-depth understanding of the early stage, replaced with the user's location to think about the solution, using the accumulated professional experience to conduct field testing, before and after the process comparison, and keenly aware of the process. Continue to improve the space and propose reasonable upgrade solutions;

After-sales service, using the online+offline after-sales service model, combined with unique: customization, design personalized products that meet customer needs and life-long maintenance system; immersion: deep understanding of the work site process requirements, design the optimal heating plan, and real Restore the application environment, reduce the error of equipment recommendation and configuration; action: make modular guidance materials according to different needs, to ensure that the user can communicate without a engineer in the operation and use of the equipment and post-maintenance, and the technician can not be on site. It's also like being on the scene. In the development of the company, we firmly believe that good after-sales service is the cornerstone of the survival of the company, so the company always regards the concept of "creating value for customers" as the top priority of its business strategy.

GY's global after-sales service team serves the world. Our extensive after-sales service also includes on-site training and technical seminars, spare parts consultation and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with a technical consultation hotline. In addition to the newly purchased equipment program, we also provide customers with economical old equipment upgrade and transformation services. The remote video service can provide customers with direct and targeted solutions in time when equipment fails.

Our Team

                                               Guangyuan Technology (HK) Electronics Co., Ltd.

In the development of the company, we firmly believe that good  service is the cornerstone of the survival of the company, so the company always regards the concept of "creating value for customers" as the top priority of its business strategy. So GY brings relevant professional top talent and technology together for a highly qualified professional team.




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