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160KW Digital Induction Hardening Machine With CE SGS Certificate

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160KW Digital Induction Hardening Machine With CE SGS Certificate
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Features: Energy Saving, Safer, More Efficient, Environmentally,
Product Name: Induction Hardening Machine
Heating Materials: All Metals
Warranty: 12months
Technology Support: All Life
After-sales Service Provided: Engineer On-site Service, Online Support, Video Technical Support
Work Time: 24 Hours A Day
Application: Induction Quenching, Induction Hardening
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160KW Induction Hardening Machine


Digital Induction Hardening Machine


CE Induction Hardening Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC, SGS, ROHS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden boxes
Delivery Time: 5-8 workdays after payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 sets per month
Product Description

DSP Full Digital Control Induction Hardening Machine For Automobile Manufacturing Industry


160KW Digital Induction Hardening Machine With CE SGS Certificate 0

Induction Hardening Machine

Induction hardening is a process used for the surface hardening of steel and other alloy components. The parts to be heat treated are placed inside a water cooled copper coil and then heated above their transformation temperature by applying an alternating current to the coil. The alternating current in the coil induces an alternating magnetic field within the work piece, which if made from steel, caused the outer surface of the part to heat to a temperature above the transformation range. Parts are held at that temperature until the appropriate depth of hardening has been achieved, and then quenched in oil, or another media, depending upon the steel type and hardness desired.


160KW Digital Induction Hardening Machine With CE SGS Certificate 1

Quick Detail:


160KW Induction Heating Machine for Stainless steel online annealing


Application Stainless steel online annealing
Work power 340V-430V Out power 160KW
Product size main : 1000x695x1100mm Certificate CE,SGS
  transformer : 870x430x750mm    


Technical Parameters:

Model GYS-160AB (Three phase)
Work power 340V-430V
Maximum input current 240A
Output power 160KW
Fluctuating frequency 10-50KHZ
Output current 400-6500A
The flow rate of cooling water 0.08-0.16Mpa 15L/Min
Water temperature protection point 50C
Product size main : 1000x695x1100mm
transformer : 870x430x750mm
Net weight main : 155kgs
transformer : 95kgs


160KW Digital Induction Hardening Machine With CE SGS Certificate 2

Main Features of DSP full digital control induction hardening equipment:
1. Leading technology

  • Digital intelligent power supply adopts DSP processor control and digital control technology. The control process, data operation and parameter storage of the system are all processed in digital form Environmental changes such as temperature changes do not affect the internal processes and results of the system

2. Touch screen display

  • The working state and working parameters of the machine can be displayed directly on the touch screen. The display parameters include: working frequency, oscillating current, dc voltage, dc current, output power and other parameters. Working status includes functions such as load matching instructions

3 Good resistance to voltage fluctuation

  • The power grid voltage fluctuates arbitrarily within the range of 350 to 410V, and the power output fluctuates within the range of plus or minus 0.1%, which does not affect the normal production. The high precision of power repeat output makes the product stable and consistent.

4. Powerful communication function

  • Interface is reserved to exchange data with external controller (industrial computer, industrial touch screen, laptop, etc.) or central control

5. The signal transmission adopts optical fiber transmission

  • The electromagnetic environment inside the power cabinet is complex, and the transmission of weak current signals (such as drive signal, protection signal, feedback signal, etc.) is vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, while the light is not affected by the electromagnetic environment, so these important signals adopt optical fiber transmission to improve the overall stability and reliability of the equipment.

6. Choose intemational famous brand components

  • All the key components on the equipment are imported, and the operation of the equipment is more stable. The inverter is IGBT of Germany infineon company. The rectification device is SCR of German semi control, the relay is brand of German weidmuller, and the core control chip is DSP digital processor of American TI.

7 .Intelligent protection function

  • Condition of power supply in normal work, if suddenly will automatically latch fault alarm, at this time, all kinds of protection and fault alarm signal, such as: light capacitor, power cabinet to open the door, IGBT power speed protection, diode special protection, over voltage, over current, lack of phase, water flow, water temperature and other protection, to ensure that the equipment is rellable and durable

8. Fault self-diagnosis and online processing

  • When the alarm occurs due to wrong operation or special working condition, the touch screen will display the fault content, and the solution to the corresponding fault can be found by clicking the help of corresponding fault. More than 90% of common faults can be quickly handled by operators, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces the reliance on operators‘ technical level

9. Constant power output mode

  • Output power does not change with workplece temperature, high production efficiency and good product quality

160KW Digital Induction Hardening Machine With CE SGS Certificate 3

Applications of the Induction Hardening Machine:


Automobile manufacturing industry

  • Induction hardening technology is the most widely used in the automotive industry, and induction heating and quenching of auto parts have risen to about 50% of all induction heat-treated parts. In addition to improving the wear resistance of parts, the purpose of induction hardening is to improve the torsional fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength of parts. Typical induction systems are crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel ring gear, half shaft, constant velocity joint, shift fork, transmission shaft, cross shaft, shock absorber shaft, etc automatic induction heat treating machine systems.

Tractors and construction machinery

  • In addition to the fact that the engine hardened parts are similar to the car engine, there are many induction hardened parts in the walking part: Such as drive wheels, guide wheels, rollers, chain rails, pins, sleeves, water pump shafts, valve rocker arms, bulldozer blades, tractor final drive gears, etc induction heat treating solutions.

Machine tool manufacturing industry

  • In the machine tool manufacturing industry, induction hardened parts include the speed change gear of the headstock, the spindle, the speed change fork, the surface of the guide rail, and the various small parts wear-resistant parts.

Heavy machine industry

  • Heavy-duty mechanical induction heat treatment parts include transmission large-module gears, excavator shovel tooth plates.

Bearing Industry

  • The proportion of induction hardening of bearing rings, especially the raceways of large bearing rings and railway bearings, is increasing year by year.

Rail transport

  • More than 60KG steel rail full-length induction hardening is the main way to improve their strength and toughness. In addition, induction hardening of locomotive parts includes internal combustion engine-related parts, such as crankshafts, gears, shafts, etc.

Oil Rig

  • The oil pipes, sucker rods, and couplings used in the petroleum industry are all using the induction hardening method.

Metallurgical machinery

  • The roller adopts dual frequency induction hardening to achieve the best heating depth, others such as large modulus gear, steel pipe weld induction annealing, or tempering.

Textile machinery

  • Spinning spindles and other parts are induction hardening and tempering.

Building materials industry

  • There are mainly stress relief steel quenching and weld annealing, pipe pile steel wire, sleeper steel wire induction heat treatment production line, and so on.

Shipbuilding industry

  • Induction hardening and tempering are used for marine engine crankshafts, etc. Induction heating can also be used for the thermal correction of steel plate distortion.

induction heating

160KW Digital Induction Hardening Machine With CE SGS Certificate 5


Our services

Pre-sale service.

  • Inquiry and consulting service
  • recommend the most suitable for our customers according to their requirements
  • Sample testing support
  • working videos available
  • View our factory

In-sale service.

  • Strictly manufacture the machine, according to relevant technical standards.
  • Take run test, according to relevant equipment test run regulations.
  • Strictly check up the machine, before delivery
  • Delivery on time.

After-sale service.

  • Warranty time: 1year Warranty.
  • Within warranty all parts are free for customer, any fault caused by non-artificial reason, any quality problems such as design, manufacture, or procedure occurs, We shall provide replacement parts after detecting the faults.
  • If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, we will send maintenance
  • technician to provide visiting service after checking with the customer and charge for a favorable price.
  • We will provide a lifetime cost price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance.
  • The above mentioned are only basic aftersale service requirements,we will make more promises related to quality assurance and operation guarantee.


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