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IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency

IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency
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Power: 160KW
Voltage: 380V, 3phase
Weight: Main: 265kg Transformer: 138kg
Warranty: 12 Months
Usage: Steel Bar Forging, Hot Forging, Hardening,
Feature: Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Safe, Energy Saving, No Pollution
Production Name: Induction Heating Machine, Induction Forging Machine
After-sale Service: Door To Door Service, Online Technical Support
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Induction Hardening Machine IGBT


Induction Hardening Machine 3Phase

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC
Model Number: GYDM-120AB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: based on orders
Payment Terms: 100% T/T before shipment
Supply Ability: 500 set per month
Product Description

 IGBT System 160KW Medium Frequency Induction Forging Machine


IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency 0

Our Induction heating machine adopts the most advanced technology MOS-FET, IGBT frequency conversion control to ensure high efficiency and maximum out-put power.


Call us for money-saving,apply for heating,brazing,annealing,hardening,melting and so on.Benefit from our induction heating consultants nearly 27 years experiences creating precision heating treatment solutions.


IGBT system technology, high conversion efficiency; Energy saving 15%-30% , compared to SCR/KGPS technology


Much more efficient than gas-fired and coal-fired method


100% start-up success rate; power factor > 95%


Perfect and complete protection functions, increasing machine's reliability & stability


No special foundations required, Low operating cost, easy operation


Modular design, ease of maintaining and repairing



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Applications of the induction heating machine

1. Heating (hot forging, hot fitting and smelting)

Hot forging aims to fabricate the work pieces of certain temperature (different materials require different temperatures) into other shapes through forging press with the help of punch press, forging machine or other equipments, for instances, hot extrusion of watch case, watch flan, handle, mold accessory, kitchen and table ware, art ware, standard part, fastener, fabricated mechanical part, bronze lock, rivet, steel pin and pin.


Hot fitting refers to the connection of different metals or metals with nonmetals through the heating based on the principle of hot expansion or hot smelting, for instances, embedded welding of copper core of computer radiator with aluminum sheet and speaker web, compound of steel and plastic tube, sealing of aluminum foil (tooth paste peel), motor rotor and sealing of tubular electric heating element.


Smelting mainly aims to melt the metal into liquid by using the high temperature, which is mainly applicable to the smelting of iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc as well as various noble metals.


2. Heat Treatment (surface quench)

Quench for various hardware and tools, such as plier, wrench, hammer, ax, screwing tools and shear (orchard shear).


Quench for various automobile and motorcycle fittings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, chain wheel, aluminum wheel, valve, rock arm shaft, semi drive shaft, small shaft and fork.Various electric tools, such as gear and axes.


Quench for machine tools, such as lathe deck and guide rail.


Quench for various hardware metal parts and machined parts, such as shaft, gear (chain wheel), cam, chuck and clamp etc.


Quench for hardware molds, such as small-size mold, mold accessory and inner hole of mold.


3. Welding (braze welding, silver soldering and brazing)

Welding of various hardware cutting tools, such as diamond tool, abrasive tool, drilling tool, alloy saw blade, hard alloy cutter, milling cutter, reamer, planning tool and solid center bit.


Welding of various hardware mechanical gadget: Silver soldering and brazing of metals of the same variety or different varieties, such as hardware toilet and kitchen products, refrigerating copper fitting, lamp decoration fitting, precision mold fitting, hardware handle, eggbeater, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper as well as copper and copper.


Compound pot bottom welding is mainly applicable to the braze welding of circular, square as well as other irregular plain pot bottom. It is also applicable to plain braze welding of other metals.


Welding of heating disc of electric hot-water kettle mainly refers to the braze welding of stainless steel flat base, aluminum sheet and tubular electric heating elements of various forms.


4. Annealing (tempering and modulation)

Annealing of various stainless steel products, such as stainless steel basin, annealed and extruded can, annealed folded edge, annealed sink, stainless steel tube, tableware and cup.


Annealing of various other metal work pieces, such as golf ball head, cue, brass lock, hardware copper fitting, kitchen knife handle, blade, aluminum pan, aluminum pail, aluminum radiator and various aluminum products.


IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency 2

The parameters of the 160KW medium frequency induction forging machine

Model GYMD-160AB (Three phase)
Work power 340V-430V
Maximum input current 240A
Output power 160KW
Fluctuating frequency 1-10KHZ
The flow rate of cooling water 0.08-0.16Mpa 12L/Min
Water temperature protection point 50C
Product size main :1090x650x1610 mm
transformer :980x480x850 mm
Net weight main : 265 kg
transformer : 138 kg


IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency 3

IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency 4

IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency 5


In the early induction heating equipment, the high frequency inverter equipment required by the inverter unit determines the form of the equipment. From electron tube, thyristor to current universal IGBTs. In the current main stream IGBT-type induction heating products, there are still many differences in-circuits and structures. From the rectifier unit controlled rectification mode and uncontrollable rectification mode; from the perspective of the inverter unit, there are pulse width modulation inverter mode and chopper voltage regulation inverter mode. Parallel resonance from resonant output unit vibration mode and series resonance mode. Various circuits and structures have differences in performance (such as efficiency,power factor, and reliability).


Although using IGBT instead of thyristor Tubes and electronic tubes have made great progress, but most of the induction heating power supply devices developed and produced by manufacturers still have some common problems.

Compared with non-digital products, all-digital products have improved performance in all aspects. This series of products are IGBT or MOSFET inverters, and all adopt DSP Digital precision control, the core control strategy is the reactance analysis method, which can always ensure that the IGBT is ni the ZCS switching state under various working conditions, as to adapt to the inductance and Strong on-site working conditions; multiple operation and control modes and set table functional parameters to make the product meet the requirements various processes needs.

DSP full digital control products, according to different cooling methods,are divided into two categories: air-cooled and water-cooled; the internal components of the equipment are composed of The water circulation takesaway the heat generated by the work of the components, which is the water-cooled type; and the internal components of the equipment are cooled by wind energy, which is the air-cooled type. This type is a new research and development process.


IGBT System Induction Hardening Machine 3 Phase Medium Frequency 6

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Q: Why choose GuangYuan Company?
A: We are manufacture which had in this filed for nearly 20 years.No matter quality,price,service,delivery time,we all have large advantage.


Q:How to choose suiteble machine?
A:You can tell us your application,need forging,hardening,welding,melting or other,pass me workpiece material & size,Temperature requirement and heating time requirement.Then we will recommend fit machine for you reference.


Q:How about the machine delivery time?
A: Small machine delivery time is 3~7 workdays.Big machine delivery time 15~25 workdays. Normally based on orders.


Q:How about the machine warranty?
A:Our goods support one year warranty not by personal purpose,support technical service all life.

During the warranty,if machine have problem need change spare parts,we can replace for you charge free.




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