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300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging

300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging
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Product Name: Induction Forging Machine
Heating Principle: Induced Magnetic Field To Heating
Feeding System: Pulling Feeder Machine
Forging: Brass, Copper, Steel Bar Forging
Frequency: Medium Frequency 1-20khz
Warranty: 1 Year
After Sale Service: Online Technical Support, Door To Door Service
Feature: Fast Heating,Environmentally Friendly,Energy Saving
High Light:

300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine


Hot Forging Induction Heating Machine


300KW Induction Heater Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC, SGS, ROHS
Model Number: GYM-300KW
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 SETS per month
Product Description

300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging

300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging 0


Forging, hot stamping and extrusion consist of forming a part that has been previously heated to a temperature at which its resistance to deformation is weak. The approximate hot forming temperatures of the most commonly used industrial materials are:

  • Steel from 1100 to 1250 ºC
  • Brass 750 ºC
  • Aluminum 550ºC

After heating up the material, the forming operation is done on different types of machines: mechanical impact presses, bending machines, hydraulic extrusion presses, etc.

The starting material used in forging is presented in the form of rounded studs, squares (billet) or bar materials.

300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging 1

Specification Max output power Heating capability for common materials
GYM-300 forging furnace 300KW Recommending for OD40-OD120mm steel bar heating






  • Overcurrent Protection                 Water shortage Protection
  • Overheating Protection                 Overvoltage Protection
  • Short circuit Protection                  Phase Protection

300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging 2


Bar Diameter 15~30(mm) 15~50(mm) 20~50(mm) 20~50(mm) 25~80(mm) 25~100MM 25~110MM 40~120(mm) 40~140(mm)
Production Rates 0.1~0.12(T/h) 0.2~0.25(T/h) 0.2~0.25(T/h) 0.2~0.3(T/h) 0.3~0.37(T/h) 0.4~0.6(T/h) 0.4~0.65(T/h) 0.7~0.8(T/h) 0.8~0.9(T/h)
Output Power 40KW 80KW 100KW 120KW 160KW 200KW 250KW 300KW 400KW
Input Current 60A 120A 150A 180A 240A 300A 375A 450A 600A
Work Frequency 1~20KHZ
Work Power 380V/50~60HZ 3phases
Duty Cycle 24Hours non-stop
Dimension Customs Design depends on bar size



Induction heaters for forging can vary in size, power, frequency and design depending on the specific application and material. Some common types of induction heaters for forging are:


- High-frequency induction heater: This type of heater uses a high oscillation frequency of 30-80 kHz to heat small or thin workpieces with shallow penetration depth. It is suitable for surface hardening, brazing of copper pipes, annealing of steel strips, and melting of small amounts of metal.


- Medium-frequency induction heater: This type of heater uses a medium oscillation frequency of 1-20 kHz to heat medium-sized or thick workpieces with moderate penetration depth. It is suitable for hardening, forging bars and rods, welding pipes and tubes, and melting large amounts of metal.


- Ultra-high-frequency induction heater: This type of heater uses a very high oscillation frequency of 100-400 kHz to heat ultra-small or ultra-thin workpieces with very shallow penetration depth. It is suitable for hardening micro parts, brazing dental tools, soldering electronic components, and annealing of wires.



How do I set up an induction heating machine for forging?

The exact steps for setting up an induction heater for forging may vary depending on the type and model of the induction heater you have, but here are some general guidelines that you can follow:


- First, you need to prepare a power source that can supply enough voltage and current to the induction heating machine. You may need a transformer or a converter to adjust the voltage and frequency of your power source to match the requirements of your induction heater.


- Second, you need to connect a cooling system that can circulate water or coolant through the induction coil and prevent it from overheating. You may need a water pump, hoses, connectors, and a reservoir tank for this purpose.


- Third, you need to install a control system that can allow you to adjust and monitor the temperature and power settings of your induction heating equipment. You may need a control panel, a temperature sensor, a timer, and a display for this purpose.


- Fourth, you need to place the induction coil around the metal that you want to heat. You may need to adjust the size and shape of the coil to fit snugly around the metal and ensure uniform heating.


- Fifth, you need to turn on the power switch and set your desired temperature and time for heating. You may need to use an infrared thermometer or pyrometer to measure the actual temperature of your metal as it heats up.


Once your metal reaches your desired temperature, you can turn off the power switch and remove it from the coil. Then you can proceed with forging it using a press or hammer.


300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging 3



Aerospace: Induction forging creates high-quality, durable components for aircraft engines, landing gears, and other critical aircraft parts.

Automotive: Induction forging is used to manufacture components for engines, transmissions, suspensions, and steering systems.

Energy: Induction forging is used to manufacture components for oil and gas drilling and production equipment and power generation equipment.

Medical: Induction forging creates precision components for medical devices such as orthopedic implants, pacemakers, and surgical instruments.

Mining: Induction forging is used to create components for mining equipment, such as drill bits, pumps, and conveyors.

suqre billet forging

300KW Industrial Induction Heating Machine For Square Billet Hot Forging 5

We have established an R&D system. It is supported by advanced engineers and professional workers, who are especially engaged in researching and developing the machinery of middle or high-frequency induction heating and high-frequency inverter electrolysis and galvanization power supply. Since we owned strong technique development capability, our factory has been insisting on producing new products and new craftwork to assure our leading position on technique in this field.


Under the effort of several years, our factory has produced a series of high-quality products in various categories. We can also exclusively produce these products on your requirement to meet your need. Our middle or high-frequency induction heating equipment is produced for special voltage conditions of some countries. For instance, there is single-phase 110V, three-phase 220V induction heating equipment for America and Japan and three-phase 415V, 440V induction heating equipment for such southwestern Asia countries as Malay and Thailand.







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