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Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional

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Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional
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Product Name: Induction Forging Machine
Application: Bass Copper Steel Forging
Power: 100KW
Core Components: Circuit Board, Indcution Coil
Duty Cycle: 24 Hours, 100% Non-stop
After Sale Service: All Life Technology Support, On Door Service, Online Support
Key Point: Safe, Environmentally, Energy Saving , High Efficient
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 Multifunctional Induction Forging Equipment


 Industrial Induction Forging Equipment


  Pulling Feeder Induction Forging Equipment

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC,ROHS
Model Number: GYMD-100AB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 workdays, based on orders
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 Sets per month
Product Description

Fast Heating Induction Forging Machine Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder System


Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional 0



Preheating metal parts with an induction heater before using a hammer to press the metals before deformation is called induction forging.


Induction Heating Equipment for Forging is an advanced heating manufacturing technology with high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, which is widely used in the production line of auto parts. Due to its advantages of fast heating speed, stable heating temperature and high degree of automation, it is loved by the majority of auto parts manufacturers.


Since induction heating only heats the workpiece and not the atmosphere around the workpiece, the transfer of heat and energy becomes more efficient.


The induction forging process is highly controllable, meaning it can be repeated easily and quickly again and again with little variation in the results



Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional 1

The paramerters of Auto Induction Forging Machine Pulling Feeder For Brass / Copper / Steel Forging:


Specification Max output power

Heating capability for common materials

GYM-25 forging furnace 25KW

Recommending for OD15-30mm steel bar heating

GYM-40 forging furnace 40KW


GYM-60 forging furnace 60KW

Recommending for OD15-50mm steel bar heating

GYM-100 forging furnace 100KW


GYM-160 forging furnace 160KW

Recommending for OD15-80mm steel bar heating

GYM-200 forging furnace 200KW


GYM-250 forging furnace 250KW Recommending for bigger than OD80mm mm steel bar heating












Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional 2



In addition to engine and transmission parts, forgings are used for a wide variety of gears, sprockets, levers, shafts, spindles, ball joints, wheel hubs, rollers, yokes, axle beams, bearing holders, and links.

  • Mainly forged products are used in every mechanical industry.
  • Turbine rotor, generator rotor etc. are forged product.
  • It gives higher fatigue strength so most of moving parts like crankshaft, camshaft gears etc. are made by forging operation.
  • Cold forging is used to produce chisel, bolts etc.
  • These are mostly used in hand tools and hardware manufacturing.
  • It is used in ship building in various structure works.

Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional 3



Induction Forging provides better mechanical properties, ductility and fatigue, and impact resistance because this process refines and directs the grain flow according to the shape of the piece. Almost all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous can be forged.

  • Parts manufactured by forging are stronger
  • It is more reliable and less costly
  • It offers better response to heat treatment
  • It offers more consistent and better metallurgical properties
  • It offers broad size range of products
  • It requires fewer secondary operations
  • It has great design flexibility


Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional 4


induction forging machine



Industrial Induction Forging Equipment Wtih Automatic Pulling Feeder Multifunctional 6

Welcome to GY

GY had developed many years of research and is committed to providing customers with all kinds of medium frequency, high frequency, super audio frequency,ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment, and automation equipment. We provide solutions for project planning, development, design, manufacturing and comprehensive after-sales service according to your needs. One-stop solutions for customer heat treatmen tneeds.The lates tDSP+FPGA all-digital control system products provide more professional, more accurate solutions and personalized high-quality products for many users on the road of innovation, transformation and transformation break throughs.



From 1996, devoted

For more than 27 years, GY has always been adhering to the company philosophy of innovation, adherence to quality and excellent operation. A single R&D office researches a single product. After more than 20 years of hard work, it has developed steadily. The current equipment users cover many industries such as manufacturing, electric power and nuclear power,government science reform, university scientific research, and special military industry. In view of the different voltage levels
in some countries, the company has developed special input voltage induction heating equipment for different frequency parameters. For example, the input voltage suitable for use i n the United States, Japan and other countries is single-phase 110V, three-phase 110V, three-phase 220V, and three-phase 480V. Heating equipment and heating equipment with input voltage of three-phase 415V and three-phase 440V suitable for use in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Australia and Thailand Inheritance builds trust.


Inherit and build trust

Made in China is facing global competition and challenges. To find a suitable position in the international and domestic markets and open up a larger market, we must use more advanced technology and good after-sales service to improve ourselves. We will always be committed to the application and promotion of GY series products in the market with the spirit of pursuing professionalism, excellence and perseverance, and seek cooperation with suppliers, agents and users with professional technical support and good business collaboration. Common development and progress.




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