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Industrial Induction Melting Machine For Gold Platinum Palladium

Industrial Induction Melting Machine For Gold Platinum Palladium
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Product Name: Induction Melting Machine
Control Method: Full Digital Precision Control
Melting Materail: Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Sliver
Key Point: Energy Saving,HIgher Output
Voltage: 340V-430V
Warranty: 12 Months
After Sale Service: Online Technical Support, Door To Door Service
Application: Melting Steel, Iron, Sliver, Gold, Copper And Other Metals.
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Palladium Induction Melting Machine


Platinum Induction Melting Machine


Industrial induction gold melting machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC, SGS, ROHS
Model Number: GYTS-160KW
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 SETS per month
Product Description

Fast Melting Speed Induction Melting Machine For Small Industrial Workshops
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Induction melting is the process of heating metal using an induction melting furnace to bring the temperature to its melting point and finally melting the metal. An induction melting furnace usually includes an induction heating power supply and crucible. Induction heating power supplies provide heating energy. Metal is then placed inside the crucible. Metals that can be melted include ferrous metals (iron, steel) and non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, gold, silver, lead, tin, etc.).




An induction furnace comprises a crucible to hold the metal pieces to be melted, enclosed by a copper coil. The crucible used in heat induction may or may not be conductive. Depending on the metal to be smelted, different crucibles are used. For example, if we want to melt iron which is found in many minerals such as haematite, then we would need a non-conductive crucible made from materials such as clay or glass because it would not allow heat energy to pass through it easily. However, if we wanted to melt copper which is found in minerals such as chalcopyrite, then we would need a conductive crucible made from materials such as carbon steel because it would allow heat energy to pass through it easily. If it is a conductive metal like copper or aluminum, then any crucible that can withstand extremely high temperatures will work well. If it is a non-conductive metal like gold or platinum, then a non-metallic crucible made from ceramic materials will be required to avoid electric shock from arcing between the crucible and the coil.


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The parameters of the 160KW  Induction Melting Machine For Metal Melting :

Model: GYMD-160KW

Max output power: 160KW

Smelting weight of steel, iron: 100kg

Smelting weight of aluminum, bronze, and other precious metals: 200kg


Specification Smelting weight of steel and iron Smelting weight of aluminum, bronze, and other precious metals
GYM-40KW 20KG 40KG
GYM-60KW 30KG 60KG
GYM-100KW 50KG 100KG
GYM-160KW 100KG 200KG
GYM-200KW 150KG 300KG
GYM-250KW 200KG 400KG


The parameters of the GYMD-160KW:


Model GYMD-160KW (Three phases)
Work power 340V-430V
Maximum input current 240A
Output power 160KW
Fluctuating frequency 1-10KHZ
The flow rate of cooling water 0.08-0.16Mpa 12L/Min
Water temperature protection point 50C
Product size 1090x650x1610 mm
Net weight 265 kg

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induction melting


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Induction melting starts with placing the metal into the magnetic field inside a furnace. Induction melting works by forcing electrical vortices into a piece of metal. The principle of induction melting is that a high-voltage electrical source from a primary coil causes a low-voltage, high-current flow of electricity to enter a metal or secondary coil. The magnetic fields induce electric vortices, circular currents, to take place inside the metal by electromagnetic induction.

With induction heating, the heat is efficiently distributed within a metal part as the electrical eddies circulate faster and faster inside the part. Because induction heating is accomplished using magnetic fields, a working interest (or load) can be physically isolated from an induction coil using refractory materials or other nonconductive media. When the charged material is melting, the interaction of the magnetic fields and electric current flowing through the coil continues to increase heat inside the metal until reaching the pre-set temperature. Melting temperature can be controlled by infrared or thermocouple.


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  • Fast melting speed and high production efficiency.


  • Uniform heating temperature and the induction melting furnace have the effect of electromagnetic stirring.


  • Energy saving potential.


  • Safe working environment.

Due to the many benefits of induction melting, GY induction melting furnace systems are widely used in foundries, small industrial workshops, laboratories, etc.

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GY Technology Corporation History

GY Technology Corporation was founded in 1996. The company was started with the main objective of providing superior service and innovative products for the induction melting and heating industry. GY has developed many years of research and is committed to providing customers with all kinds of medium, high frequency, super audio frequency, ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment, and automation equipment. We provide solutions for project planning, development, design, manufacturing, and comprehensive after-sales service according to your needs. One-stop solutions for customer heat treatment needs. The latest DSP+FPGA all-digital control system products provide more professional, more accurate solutions and personalized high-quality products for many users on the road to innovation, transformation, and transformation breakthroughs.


How your business can benefit from our services

Implementing a GY induction solution will help reduce manufacturing costs, increase energy efficiency, improve safety, and meet lean manufacturing objectives. Our technical support and maintenance services include preventative maintenance, equipment start-up and training, on-site or in-house repairs, and extended warranties. Above all, our team will help find solutions for the most complex heating applications and manufacturing system requirements.







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