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IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling

IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling
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Product Name: Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine
Control Method: Full Digital Precision Control
Work Time: Continuous 24 Hours Per Day
Applications: Hardening, Forging, Annealing, Quenching, Melting
Power: 250KW
Warranty: 1 Year
After Sale Service: Online Technical Support, Door To Door Service
Major Features: Fast Heating, High Output, Enviromental Friendly
High Light:

IGBT Induction Hardening Equipment


250KW Induction Hardening Equipment


Water Cooling induction hardening machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC, SGS, ROHS
Model Number: GYMD-250AB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 SETS per month
Product Description

DSP 250KW IGBT System Medium Frequency Induction Hardening Machine Water Cooling
IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling 0


Induction heating is a fast,efficient,precise and repeatable heat treatment method for heating metals or other electrically-conductive material.Material is a metal such as steel,iron,brass,aluminum,alloy,copper,stainless steel,tungsten,nickel,precious metals,silver,zinc,gold and etc.or be semiconductor such as silicon carbide,carbon or graphite.

IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling 1

Model GYMD-250AB (Three phase)
Work power 340V-430V
Maximum input current 375A
Output power 250KW
Fluctuating frequency 1-10KHZ
The flow rate of cooling water 0.08-0.16Mpa 12L/Min
Water temperature protection point 50C
Product size main : 1090*650*1610MM
transformer : 1070*480*850MM
Net weight main : 258kg
transformer : 178kg


Main Parts Introduction:

  • Germany SIEMENS INFINEON IGBT Module. ( oscillation frequency, fast response time, superhigh stability, almost spatter-free welding )
  • Japan Nichicon electrolytic capacitor. ( filter capacitor )
  • Imported transistor integrated block.
  • All water pipe use thermostability, High pressure resistance best quality material.
  • Main card, signal circuit, drive circuit board,control circuit board and components are adopted:Toshiba, Hitachi,Motorola, China's top manufacturers.
  • International advanced all-solid-state semiconductor power devices.
  • Technical advantage:perfect control, alarm display circuit, getting full automatic tracking frequency, continuous adjustable power, safe dependable protection,clear and accuracy data display and etc.
  • Superiority Advantages: fast heating, wide application, small size, easy installation, simple operation, low power consumption, high efficiency

IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling 2
induction melting machine, induction melting furnace, induction smelting

IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling 4


  • The first advantage is low energy consumption. The actual billet heating efficiency of induction melting furnaces and induction diathermy furnaces can reach 65% to 75%, while flame furnaces and various chamber furnaces are only about 30%.
  • This type of furnace does not require the necessary preheating process such as coal furnace, gas furnace and resistance furnace. It is easy to use and simple to operate. It can work continuously for a long time and can be turned on or off at any time as needed. Fully manual, fully automatic or semi-automatic work can also be used, which has absolute advantages in production scheduling.
  •  There is no need to heat the workpiece as a whole, and local heating can be selected, so the electric power consumption is small, the deformation of the workpiece is small and the heating speed is fast, and the workpiece can reach the required temperature in a very short time, thereby oxidizing and decarburizing the surface. When heating defects are reduced to a very low level, it can be used for steel, tungsten, molybdenum and other steel materials, and can also be used for heating or heat treatment of chemically active aluminum, titanium, zirconium, and niobium.
  • The induction heating equipment can be installed on the production line, which is easy to realize the automation and mechanization of the production line, easy to manage, and can effectively reduce transportation, save manpower, and improve production efficiency.
  • Induction heating also has the advantages of high power utilization, environmental protection and energy saving, safety and reliability, and good working environment.

Based on the above advantages, when electric energy replaces coal, oil, gas and other non-renewable energy sources in the heating field, it is gradually becoming the dominant energy source. Induction heating is increasingly used in smelting, heating and other fields. Electric heating, especially induction heating, is widely used in broad application prospects. And induction heating equipment manufacturers have broad development space.

IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling 5



Induction heating technology is mainly used in the following fields in the automotive industry:

(1) Smelting of metals.

(2) Heating of forging blanks.

(3) Heat treatment of auto parts.

(4) Induction heating curing of auto parts after bonding.

(5) Induction heating semi-solid forming.

(6) Induction heating assembly.

(7) Induction heating brazing.


IGBT System 250KW Induction Hardening Equipment Machine With Water Cooling 8

GY Induction has been engaged in manufacturing of induction heating machine for 27years. At present, there are currently more than 10,000 GY induction heating machines working all over the world. GY induction heating machines are widely used in mechanical forging heating processing, industrial heat treatment manufacturing, tool induction brazing manufacturing, and other fields. Based on the principles of induction technological updates and customers' need, GY induction heating has always been strving to produce industrial induction heating machines with GY Induction Heating's own characteristics and independent core technologies in the induction heating industry. With the upgrading of induction heating equipment from generation to generation, as well as our rich experience in induction heating industrial applications, we serve end customers with high quality industrial induction heating machines all over the world. Taking "win-win with customers" as our value foundation, GY Induction Heating, with our complete R&D designs, project solutions, production team, and after-sales support, are looking forward to cooperating with you.


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