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Igbt System Water Cooling Induction Brazing Machine Ac220v-380v

Igbt System Water Cooling Induction Brazing Machine Ac220v-380v
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Display Mode: Digital Touch Screen
Warranty: 1 Year And All Life Technology Support
Control Mode: IGBT System
Heating Principle: Magnetic Induction Heating
Heating Mode: Induction Heating
Cooling System: Water Cooling
Power Supply: AC220V-380V
Product Name: Induction Brazing Machine
High Light:

magnetic heating induction brazing machine


ac220v induction brazing machine


water cooled induction welding brazing machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS, SGS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 7 workdays
Payment Terms: 100%TT before shipment
Supply Ability: 500 sets/month
Product Description

Product Description:

Induction Brazing is a method of joining two pieces of metal together with a third, molten filler metal. The joint area is heated above the melting point of the filler metal but below the melting point of the metals being joined; the molten filler metal flows into the gap between the other two pieces by capillary action and forms a strong metallurgical bond as it cools. Induction brazing may be the most versatile of all the methods available for metal joining.
Induction heating utilizes the electromagnetic field to provide heat without contact or flame. Brazed joints have great tensile strength – they are often stronger than the two metals being bonded together. Brazed joints repel gas and liquid, withstand vibration and shock and are unaffected by normal changes in temperature. Because the metals being joined are not themselves melted, they are not warped or otherwise distorted and retain their original metallurgical characteristics.
Because brazed joints have a spotless, well-finished appearance, induction brazing often is the preferred bonding process for manufacturing plumbing fixtures, tools, heavy construction equipment, and high-quality consumer products. The process is well-suited for joining dissimilar metals, which gives the assembly designer more material options. Complex assemblies can be manufactured in stages by using filler metals with progressively lower melting points.
Induction Brazing is relatively fast and economical, requires relatively low temperatures and is highly adaptable to automation and lean manufacturing initiatives.



The power required to heat your work piece depends on the mass, material properties, desired temperature increase, heating time, field effectiveness, and heat losses during the process. Upon the determination of the power, the appropriate induction heating equipment is selected, factoring in coil coupling efficiency.
GY provides precise and powerful generators which are capable of quickly and accurately heating work pieces. GY manufactures several categories of induction heating generators to match the requirements of every work piece – large, medium, and small – while improving part quality and enhancing the speed and efficiency of the process. The generators feature simple and intuitive screens, and come with auto-adjustment of frequency, handheld coax output transformers, and the ability to replace inductor coils within two minutes, enabling flexible setup and switching between processes and applications.


The Advantages of the Induction Brazing Machine:

The DSP induction heating machine offers many advantages, including:

  • Small size, lightweight, no high-pressure equipment, small footprint and movable operation, as well as low power consumption and cost savings on cooling water.
  • Rapid heating, with little oxide layer production.
  • Different models to choose from depending on the size of the power, to ensure customers get the best performance for their money.
  • Easy installation and operation, with users taking just 10 minutes to learn the whole process.
  • Fault detection and protection features complete, with perfect fault detection and protection circuit, monitoringReadily displayed faults, such as water shortage, overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent and lack of fault in real-time, as well as outputting a relay signal for external system coordination.
  • Resonance frequency automatic tracking system, overcoming the shortcomings of analog systems, as well as keeping output current or power unchanged, even with power grid fluctuation, and ensuring IGBT works at zero current switches (ZCS).
  • Friendly man-machine interface, with various options such as LED indicator, digital tube display, touch screen display and control, and text screen display.
  • Hardware isolation interface, compatible with PLC to facilitate existing systems transformation and/or automation systems expansion.
  • RS-23Z/RS-485/CAN communication interface for network monitoring and control.
  • Zero power start and zero voltage output of start and standby, no false load support required.
  • Working mode options include constant current and/or power, and/or constant voltage source.
  • Emergency stop button for when emergencies occur.
  • Components are reasonably laid out, with the main control circuit board away from the strong electricity to avoid interference and increase accuracy.


Soldering is a process of connecting two types of metals of the same or different materials by heating them to a certain temperature. It is mainly used in welding various hardware cutting tools, such as diamond tools, abrasive tools, drilling tools, etc., as well as welding various hardware mechanical gadgets, like hardware toilet and kitchen products, refrigerating copper fitting, lamp decoration fitting, precision mold fitting and so on.
Compound pot bottom welding is mainly applicable to the braze welding of circular, square as well as other irregular plain pot bottoms, while welding of heating disc of electric hot-water kettle refers to the braze welding of stainless steel flat base, aluminum sheet, and tubular electric heating elements of various forms.

induction welding

Support and Services:

Induction Brazing Machine Technical Support & Services

For customers who have purchased our Induction Brazing Machine, we offer a range of technical support and services to ensure you get the best out of your purchase.

Technical Support

We provide technical support via telephone, email and online chat. Our team of experienced technicians can provide advice on the use of the machine and help troubleshoot any issues. We also provide updates on the latest software and product developments.


We offer a range of training courses to ensure you get the most out of your machine. Our courses cover the basics of induction brazing, as well as more advanced techniques. Courses are available both on-site and online.


Our machines are designed to provide reliable performance, but regular maintenance is still required. We offer a range of maintenance packages, from basic cleaning and inspection to more advanced repairs and upgrades.

Parts & Accessories

We provide a range of parts and accessories for our machines, including replacement parts, consumables and upgrades. All of our parts and accessories are designed to work with our machines and can be ordered online.


Packing and Shipping:

The Induction Brazing Machine should be packaged and shipped in such a way as to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. The following are the recommended procedures for packaging and shipping:

  • The machine should be securely fastened within a solid, wooden box.
  • The wooden box should be lined with foam cushioning material to protect against shock and vibration during shipping.
  • The wooden box should be clearly labeled with the company name and address of both the sender and recipient.
  • The wooden box should also include a detailed packing list of the contents.
  • The wooden box should be sealed with a high-grade saboteur.
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