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Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Machine AC380V/50Hz Power System

Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Machine AC380V/50Hz Power System
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Input Voltage: 3 Phase
Heating Mode: Induction Heating
Product Name: Induction Quenching Machine
Quenching Hardness: HRC50-60
Temperature Control: Digital Display
Safety System: Emergency Stop Button
Cooling System: Water Cooling
Quenching Speed: 0-20m/min
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Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Machine


AC380V Induction Heat Treatment Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC,SGS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time: 7-30 WORKDAYS
Payment Terms: 100% TT
Supply Ability: 500SETS/MONTH
Product Description

Product Description:

Induction quenching machine is a type of induction heating machine designed to heat and quench metal materials quickly and efficiently. It works by using an alternating current (AC) power source to generate high-frequency magnetic fields which are used to heat the metal material. The closed-loop system adopted by the induction quenching machine makes it an attractive choice in many applications.


As the name implies, induction quenching machine is notably used to quench and temper steel and cast iron. It is widely employed in a variety of industries including metallurgy, electricity, automobile, machinery manufacturing, and more. The principle behind the working of the induction quenching machine is that an electromagnetic field is generated by the coil, which is used to heat the workpiece and then it is quickly cooled by water or air to successfully complete the quenching and tempering process.



Induction quenching equipment is a specialized machine that is designed to heat and cool metal materials quickly and efficiently.

The key features of this equipment include a powerful induction power supply, load line, capacitor, transformer, inductor, quenching system, machine tool and precise temperature control.


The induction power supply is the heart of the equipment, providing the high-frequency magnetic field required to heat metal material. The load line is used to monitor and control the heating process, and the capacitor is used to store energy and release it during the heating process. The transformer is used to adjust the output voltage and current of the induction power supply, allowing for precise control over the heating process.


The inductor generates a high-frequency magnetic field that heats the metal material, and it can be designed in different forms to meet different processing requirements. The quenching system is responsible for cooling the metal material after it has been heated, and it can provide direct or separate cooling. The machine tool is used to hold and rotate the metal material during the heating and quenching process, and the temperature control system can maintain a constant temperature during the process.


Technical Parameters:

Product Name Induction Quenching Machine
Input Voltage 3 Phase
Heating Mode Induction Heating
Quenching Mode Induction Quenching
Quenching Hardness HRC50-60
Quenching Precision ±0.1mm
Quenching Depth 0-20mm
Quenching Speed 0-20m/min
Control System DSP+FPGA Full Digital Control
Safety System Emergency Stop Button


Induction Quenching Machines

Induction quenching machines are widely used in various industries for heat treatment of metals and alloys. Examples of common applications include hardening of steel, tempering of steel, case hardening of steel, and heat treating of non-ferrous metals. Additionally, induction quenching machines can be used in research and development settings to create new heat treatment processes and study the effects of heat treatment on different materials.


To harden steel, induction quenching is used to heat the steel to a specific temperature and then rapidly cool it with a quenching medium such as oil or water. To temper steel, induction quenching is often used after it has been hardened. Case hardening is a process used to increase the wear resistance of steel parts. The part must be heated to a specific temperature and then exposed to a carburizing medium such as oil or gas. The part is then cooled slowly to allow the carbon to diffuse into the surface of the steel, creating a hard case. Heat treating of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass is similar to that used for steel, but the temperatures and quenching media used may be different.

induction quenching


GY Induction Quenching Machine

Brand Name: GY
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CE, FCC, SGS
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Packaging Details: WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time: 7-30 WORKDAYS
Payment Terms: 100% TT
Supply Ability: 500SETS/MONTH
Temperature Control: Digital Display
Input Voltage: 3 Phase
Quenching Hardness: HRC50-60
Heating Mode: Induction Heating
Safety System: Emergency Stop Button


GY Induction Quenching Machine is a professional induction quench process unit for induction quench heat treatment. It features by digital display temperature control and an emergency stop button for safety. It can provide HRC50-60 quenching hardness with 3 3-phase input voltage. GY Induction Quench Heat Treater is a reliable and cost-effective choice for your heat-treating needs.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Induction Quenching Machine

We provide professional technical support and service to ensure that all our customers can enjoy the best performance of our Induction Quenching Machine. We offer a full range of support and services, including:

  • Technical consultation: Our experienced staff will provide you with professional advice and guidance on the best way to use the machine and make sure that it is operated safely and correctly.
  • Installation and commissioning: Our experienced engineers will install and commission the machine for you to make sure it is working properly.
  • Operator training: We provide comprehensive training for operators to make sure they can use the machine correctly and safely.
  • Maintenance and repair: We offer regular maintenance and repair services to keep the machine in optimum working condition.
  • Spare parts: We provide a wide range of spare parts to ensure that you can always get the parts you need for the machine.

If you have any questions or need assistance with our Induction Quenching Machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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