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80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching

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80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching
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Product Name: Induction Quenching Machine
Frequency: 30-80khz
Cooling System: Water Cooling
Worksation: Yes
Application: Agricultural Tools Heat Treatment
Warranty: 1Year
After Sales Service: Online Support, Field Installation, Video Technical Support
Major Feature: Fast Heating, High Effiency, Enviroment Friendly
High Light:

Induction Heat Treatment Equipment 80khz


Quenching Induction Heat Treatment Equipment


Water Cooling Induction Quenching Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GY
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: normally 5-7 workdays, based on orders
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 sets per months
Product Description

Agricultural Tools Heat Treatment Equipment For Induction Quenching With Cooling System


80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching 0




1)Induction Hardening Equipment for Agricultural Tools heat treatment with Horizontal Workstation.
2) Ruggedly Constructed in Monoblock Structureand Standardization Treatment to avoid Bending or Twisting after Machining.
3) Electromechanical Drive.
4) Complete Equipment with Cooling Systems, workstation, induction heating machine

Machine tool adopting immersion andspray cooling means is used in combination with high and intermediate frequency induction equipments, whichis applicable to the heating and tempering for such work pieces as shafts, gears,discs and rods. This machine belongs to the semi-automatic induction heater adopting hydraulic drive and electrical control, which has manual, inching and automatic functions as required by precise positioning and easy operation.


80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching 1


Model GY-PLC/CNC-500 GY-PLC/CNC-1000 GY-PLC/CNC-1500 GY-PLC/CNC-2000 GY-PLC/CNC-3000
Max heating diameter ≤φ200mm ≤φ200mm ≤φ240mm ≤φ400mm ≤φ600mm
Max heating length 500mm 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm
Max clamp length 500mm 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm
Workpiece revolve speed 20-200RPM 20-100RPM 20-50RPM 20-30RPM 20-20RPM
Hardening moving speed 2-60mm/s 2-50mm/s 2-50mm/s 2-30mm/s 2-20mm/s
Max lifting speed 5-60mm/s 2-50mm/s 100mm/s 100mm/s 100mm/s
Cooling method Diluent cooling Diluent cooling Diluent cooling Diluent cooling Diluent cooling
Workpiece outside diameter runout ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.6mm ±0.8mm ±1.5mm
Power supply AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V
Motor power 2.5KW 3.2KW 3.75KW 3.75KW 4.25KW
Size 1300X1200X1900MM 1300X1300X2300MM 1400X1400X2800MM 1600X1600X3200MM 1800X1800X4500MM
Net weight 530KG 620KG 810KG 1050KG 1350KG


80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching 2


  • Quench for various hardware and tools, such as pliers, wrench, hammer, ax, screwing tools and shear (orchard shear).
  • Quench for various automobile and motorcycle fittings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, chain wheel, aluminum wheel, valve, rock arm shaft, semi drive shaft, small shaft and fork.
  • Various electric tools, such as gear and axes.
  • Quench for machine tools, such as lathe deck and guide rail.
  • Quench for various hardware metal parts and machined parts, such as shaft, gear (chain wheel), cam, chuck and clamp etc.
  • Quench for hardware molds, such as small-size mold, mold accessory and inner hole of mold.

80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching 3


  • Environmental protection


  • Intelligent control, intelligent diagnosis, comprehensive and independent protection.


  • Energy saving and consumption reduction, 10-30% energy saving than traditional induction heating equipment.


  • Easy installation, simple operation, no need to configure additional compensation capacitor.


  • Precise digital control to ensure IGBT zero-crossing switch, the equipment is more stable.


  • Instant use, ready to use, any temperature, any load, fast start.


  • Safe and efficient, the output voltage is only half of the traditional induction heating equipment, the heating effect is better.


80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching 4

agricultural tools heat treatment machine


80khz Water Cooling Induction Heat Treatment Equipment For Quenching 6



As a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, GY can realize the production of special application equipment in different fields such as heating, melting, forging. quenching, annealing, tempering and a wide range of power supplies. The company's service products also include cooling equipment, measuring and control systems, and loading and unloading equipment.

Pre-sales, each project organizes a professional "I+ I"-"sales + technology" team to communicate with the user in depth, fully understand the process requirements, and jointly develop a solution with the user. And tailor-made personalized products;

In the sale, the original "angle conversion thinking mode", after a comprehensive in-depth understanding of the early stage, replaced with the user's location to think about the solution, using the accumulated professional experience to conduct field testing, before and after the process comparison, and keenly aware of the process. Continue to improve the space and propose reasonable upgrade solutions;

After-sales service, using the online+offline after-sales service model, combined with unique: customization, design personalized products that meet customer needs and life-long maintenance system; immersion: deep understanding of the work site process requirements, design the optimal heating plan, and real Restore the application environment, reduce the error of equipment recommendation and configuration; action: make modular guidance materials according to different needs, to ensure that the user can communicate without a engineer in the operation and use of the equipment and post-maintenance, and the technician can not be on site. It's also like being on the scene. In the development of the company, we firmly believe that good after-sales service is the cornerstone of the survival of the company, so the company always regards the concept of "creating value for customers" as the top priority of its business strategy.

GY's global after-sales service team serves the world. Our extensive after-sales service also includes on-site training and technical seminars, spare parts consultation and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with a technical consultation hotline. In addition to the newly purchased equipment program, we also provide customers with economical old equipment upgrade and transformation services. The remote video service can provide customers with direct and targeted solutions in time when equipment fails.


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