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Different Types Of Induction Heating Coils

May 16, 2023

Latest company case about Different Types Of Induction Heating Coils

Induction Heating Coil : The Things you need to Know About it


Gradually, induction heating has been replacing conventional heating systems in several industries. After all, it provides pollution-free, localized, consistent, and precise heating.


However, most people don’t know that induction coil design influences heating efficiency.


As an indispensable element of the induction system, the heating induction coil converts the alternating current into an electromagnetic field and acts on the workpiece to be heated. It is usually made of copper tubes, and in special cases, it can be made of copper plates, and then welded with cooling pipes or copper rods and machined into corresponding structural parts.


Coil shape should be based on the shape of the heating surface of the parts. According to the shape of the workpiece, the basic shape of the induction coil is determined to be ring, solenoid, rectangular, shape copied, pancake coil or irregular, etc.


Types of Induction Coil

People have been using a wide range of coils for induction heating. These coils have different heating behaviors and applications. Let us learn about some common induction coil types.

Single-Turn Coil

The single-turn coil is also known as a solid inductor. This coil heats the workpiece with a narrow band. Apart from this, the coil can scan the length of the workpiece.

Internal Coil

The internal coil is known for its unique design. The coil can heat the inner surface of holes. The coil’s design ensures that the overall distance from the surface of the holes is lessened, helping optimum heat reach the holes.

Multi-Turn Helical Coil

A multi-turn helical or solenoid coil is a well-known induction coil featuring several turns. These turns express the length of the heating pattern.

Multi-Position Helical Coil

Multi-position helical coils are suitable for a complete heating process. This coil can have any number of positions. Nevertheless, up to eight positions are practical.

Curved Channel Coil

These coils are used on a rotary table. They help the operator occupy one step in the multistep assembly process.

Pancake Coil

Operators use this coil when a workpiece needs to be heated from one side only. Generally, it is suitable for flat-surface metals. In addition, the pancake coil can heat a small, narrow band from the center.

Hairpin Coil

A hairpin coil could be a single or multiple-turn coil. Generally, it helps you heat long and thin parts. Operators also use it to heat moving steel or aluminum.



How Does an Induction Heating Coil Function?

The coil is the most prominent part of induction heating equipment. Its design and quality determine how effectively a workpiece will be heated.

An induction coil is copper tubing in the shape of a coil. Depending on how many turns are in the copper tube, the coil is called a helical or solenoid-wound coil.

When the power supply passes through the coil, it produces an electromagnetic field. It happens due to the flow of AC (alternative current).

This alternating electromagnetic field produces an induced current in the workpiece. And this current generates heat because of squared R losses.

How much current passes through the workpiece depends on the EMF intensity of the coil. This energy transfer is called the Eddy Current Effect or the Transformer Effect.

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